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Unleash your inner artist!  

Our workshop is the only one workshop in Czech republic (and in the whole Central Europe), where you can daily create your own enamel original. We have a great chioce of mugs, cups, other dishes, bracelets, signs, buttons and jewelry ready for painting by enamel. We will explain you the unique technique of painting and assist you if needed. 

The burning time is just about 3 minutes, (plus about 7 minutes before the enamel preform has cooled), you can take your unique product right away. Creating with unique technology needs some time - friends of enamel spend in our workshop two hours and  more average.  Time of creating is unlimited. Only capacity of our workshop is limited - we have 20 seats available, Booking is necessary and of course, who want to create have priority in front of passive audience.

Open daily - Monday to Friday from 12am to 8pm, (last entry: 6pm)

Saturday - Sunday open from 10am, (last entry: 6pm).

Please book your visit: workshopsmaltum@gmail.com, or: +420 222 360 563 (call only during opening hours).

The workshop could be reserved for larger groups even outside of opening hours. Maximal capacity is 20 people. Suitable for children, events, celebrations or team buildings.

Price list:

Mugs: 290 CZK.

Sings: (based on size) 250-350 CZK

Plates and bowls (based on size): 50 - 350 CZK 

Teapots 560 CZK

Jewelry and earrings: 150 - 290 CZK

Magnet: 150 CZK

Pot (1 or 2 liter) 560 CZK

Small plate 50 CZK

Button 25 CZK

Painting on product brought by you - 110 CZK. Enamel can be applied only on enamelled metal or tin products. Burning at your own risk.

In workshop you can pay cash only.

Make mugs, not wars:-)

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